Doodling with Magnetism!

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How many toys do you have that can teach you scientific lessons? What can you do with money besides spend it (maybe on toys!)? So, go ahead and "make a face"; it will be a good one, using magnetism!


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Have you ever seen something like the toy pictured below? It is a board that draws pictures by using magnets! How do you do that? We hope you are "drawn" to this lesson to find out!

magnet drawing toy

  • Do you have a favorite toy?

For older kids and even adults, favorite toys are remembered from when they were younger. But maybe you still have your favorite toy! There are many toys in our world today that have been around for years and are considered “classics.”

  • Did you know that there is a “classic” toy that uses magnetism to help you draw?
  • Think about it: Have you ever tried using magnets in order to draw?

In most cases, magnets are used in appliances and tools that we use every day. But today, you will be able to use the power of magnetism to draw! Let’s check in with Dr. Z to see what else he has to add to our lessons on magnetism:

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Wow! Continue on to the Got It? section to do some doodling yourself!

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