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“Mirror, Mirror … Can You Make One?”

Contributor: Kaitlyn Aston. Lesson ID: 12521

Go ahead, take a look at yourself in a mirror. What is so fascinating about it? Is it the way it reflects your image, or is it simply that you can see yourself? Come on in and take a closer "look"!



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A Pun on the Run

“I think I want a job cleaning mirrors.

It's just something I could really SEE myself doing.”

Can you count how many times you have used a mirror since getting up this morning?

It is most likely that you have lost count by the time you brushed your teeth after breakfast. Mirrors — if you have not already noticed — are everywhere. You can find them in your bathroom, in the car, at the dentist’s office, and even in a camera! Mirrors are used every day for many reasons.

  • Have you ever tried to MAKE your own mirror?

It is possible, as long as you follow along! Why don’t we see what Dr. Z is up to, and if he can help us make our own mirrors!

Continue on to the Got It? section to further reflect on the subject of mirrors!

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