Cereal That’s ... Jumping All Around!

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Cereal and sugar make a fun and yummy combination for breakfast. Did you know they can also put on a show? Thanks to the science of static electricity and household items, you can positively have fun!


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A pun on the run

“Oh no! I think I lost an electron!”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m positive!”

Imagine this: You are sitting down to have a bowl of your favorite cereal for breakfast.

But as soon as you are about to put the first spoonful into your mouth, the cereal starts jumping all over!

  • Wouldn’t that just be crazy if this happened?

But that’s the thing; it CAN happen! But how? Well, electrons can jump from where they are located to another object.

  • What if we were to put a neutral object up against a positive object? Then what would happen? And, what does this all have to do with cereal?

These are some great questions, so why don’t we watch Exploring Static Electricty, by fun science demos, and find out?


Jump on over to the Got It? section for more positive learning about static electricity!

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