Cola: The New ''Penny Polisher''

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What do you use to clean the house, dishes, and floor? You would never think of drinking cleaning chemicals; they are very dangerous! But there is something you drink that can be used to clean: soda!



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Are you ready to shock your parents with some cleaning today? This cleaning job, however, won't be like any you've ever done before, because today you're going to use soda, such as Coca-Cola©! You may be wondering how you're supposed to clean anything with sticky soda. Are you curious? Read on, great scientist!

You have uncovered quite a bit about about acids and bases, and you may have learned something about measuring them in the previous lesson on pH scales.

Speaking of previous lessons, if you didn't get to, or need to revisit, the previous Acids and Bases lessons, you can find them in the Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar.

In this lesson, you'll be doing something completely extraordinary with an ordinary household acid. First, take a closer look at the properties of acids.

  • What makes an acid so special?

In case you did not know, acids have the ability to break down certain materials.

  • Did you know that your stomach contains acid, too?

Acid is a big part of how your food is digested; just think how STRONG that acid must be!

You must be wondering how to use Coca-Cola© as a cleaner! Well, join Dr. Z and see what he has up his sleeve — or in this case, in his cup — to find out!


Pretty neat, right?

As you move on to the Got It! section, explore more about the strength of soda as an acid.

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