Engines: A Speedy Addition to Flight

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You've seen birds and bugs fly. Notice how they flap their wings? Do planes flap their wings? Do you have wings to fly? Take a breath and try a simple test to find out how planes move across the sky!


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Q: Why was Peter Pan banned from the airport?

A: Because if he got on a plane, it would Never-land.

OK, when you're done laughing hysterically, continue on to learn how planes fly!

Flight is one of the amazing capabilities of the world today.

Without flight, it would take you a LONG time to get from one side of the world to the other!

  • Did you know that at some point while you are running, both of your feet are off the ground?

So when you are running, for a short period of time you can say that you are flying! Now it may not be the same as actually flying in a plane, but for a small amount of time while you are running, you are not touching the ground!

You are not only going to do an experiment about how you can fly, but rather, how planes have the ability of flight by using a power source.

  • Do you know what this power source is called?

Let’s check it out with Flo below!

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Wow! Amazing!

Let's move on to the Got It? section to explore more about flight.

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