What Is Meteorology?

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"Meteorology" is a big word, and meteorologists do a big job! Find out how these scientists help you plan your outdoor activities and warn you about dangerous weather conditions. Then try it yourself!


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  • Do you watch or listen to the weather report, or maybe read it in the paper?
  • Do you wonder how someone can tell ahead of time what the weather is going to be?

Find out how they do it, and maybe you'll want to become a forecaster, too!

The morning news often includes a weather man or woman reporting on the forecast.

They provide you with valuable information about the conditions outside so you can prepare for your day. These scientists who study the weather are called meteorologists.

weather forecast

Meteorologists study patterns in the atmosphere to determine when and how weather will occur. A meteorologist holds an advanced degree in meteorological science, or the study of the atmosphere and weather.

It is important that a meteorologist is comfortable with new technology, because the tools of weather measurement are constantly improving.


Some meteorologists work in an office analyzing information digitally, but others are hands-on in the field!

You may only be familiar with the meteorologist on the local news channel; they also study long-term weather patterns and changes in Earth's climate. Climatologists use trends to predict how weather might change in the future.

Some meteorologists study storms and work with government agencies to help communicate upcoming severe weather, such as hurricanes. There are even meteorologists that consult on weather patterns to help during wildfires to try to help families stay safe and protect homes.

forest fire

Meteorologists use data to make their predictions, and have a great deal of practice identifying weather patterns in the atmosphere. They spend a lot of time studying weather factors and analyzing the path of severe weather.

  • What parts of a meteorologist's job would interest you?

Make a list of five things you would enjoy about working as a meteorologist.

In the Got It? section, you will learn how to become a meteorologist.

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