What Is -tion?

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Grammar education doesn't reach completion without realization of the necessitation of the suffix -tion! Take this lesson without hesitation for relaxation when your investigation reaches termination!


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Do you know the difference between the words, "suggest" and "suggestion"? We suggest you take this lesson to find out!

Suffixes are units that can be combined with a root or base word.

Once combined, the suffix alters the meaning of the word. Each suffix has a different meaning that is important to understand.

In this lesson, we will review the suffix, "–tion," which sounds like /shun/. This addition means "state or quality of."

Example: Satisfaction

Definition: Fulfilling someone’s wishes or needs

Given the definition of –tion, see if you can solve the following word equation:

Cooperate = Work together for the common good

Cooperate + -tion = Cooperation

Cooperation =

Did you figure out the definition of "cooperation"? Once you have checked your definition against the Dictionary, by dictionary.com, watch The Electric Company – tion to learn more about this powerful suffix. Pay attention to how these four letters have control over quality, and see how a little –tion can give you the power to clean up the environment!


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