Important Civil War Battles

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Wars are made up of battles, some large, some small, but all of them vital to the outcome of the war. Research and make a timeline of many important Civil War battles as you follow the war's progress!


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  • What battle signaled the end of the Civil War?

General Robert E. Lee surrenders

Image from the Public Domain via NPR

In the previous Related Lessons of our Battles of the Civil War series, found in the right-hand sidebar, you learned when the Civil War took place, where the battles were fought, and who won each battle.

In this lesson, you will investigate a few of the most important battles that took place during the Civil War. The information you have learned so far should help you visualize each of the battles you will learn about.

Remember, many battles make up a war. There were more than 50 major battles during the Civil War. You will take a closer look at a few considered to be the most important. Use the following sites or your own research to help you complete the Battles of the Civil War interactive below. If you choose to search for information on your own, just type the name of the battle into a search engine. For example, you might type “Battle of Gettysburg” into a search engine. Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher or parent to help you complete the chart.

The following sites will help you learn more about each of the battles:

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When you have finished your chart, share your work with your teacher or parent.

  • Which battle did you find to be the most interesting?
  • Which battle do you think had the greatest impact on the outcome of the war?
  • At which battle did the Confederate leader surrender?

When you are finished discussing the questions, move on to the Got It? section. Make sure to keep your chart available because you will use it to help you complete an interactive!

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