The Persian Empire

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You may have heard of Persian rugs and Persian cats, but did you know there was a Persian Empire? You won't find it here today, but you will find out about its leaders and why they were named "Great"!



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What are the qualities that make a great leader? Might that depend on whom you consider a great leader?

There are many different kinds of leaders.

Some leaders become leaders because they are smart, strong, and hard-working. Other people become leaders because of circumstances or because they are voted into the position by an election.Stillothers become leaders because of the amount they have learned or experienced in their lives.

  • Why do people seem to look up to their leaders and cherish them, sometimes many years after they are gone?
  1. Make a list of at least five leaders that come to mind. They can be leaders from history, from your local community, from your faith tradition, or from your own family.
  2. For each person, write down or think about at least one quality that makes him or her a leader.
  3. Share your list with your parent or teacher, then discuss these questions together:
  • How did the leaders you came up with affect the lives of other people?
  • What would things be like if we didn’t have leaders?
  • Why do people often have such great love for their leaders even if they never met them?

Even after they are gone — sometimes centuries after — great leaders can remain important to their people.

In the Got It? section, read about some of the great leaders of an ancient and proud people: the Persians!

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