Qu, X, Y

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Why study the letter "y"? What do you eXpect to learn? There are even songs about the letters "qu," "x," and "y." Listen and learn about their sounds, but don't move too QUickly or you won't get it!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Have you heard that the letter "q" is a big chicken?

The letter "q" is a chicken!

Q is afraid to go anywhere without his best buddy, the letter "u." The letter "u" is quiet when he is with the q and keeps him company. Read this word: "Quit."

The letters "qu" make one sound. Ask your parent or teacher to tell you the sound that qu makes.

Now, look at the word "quit" again. There are four letters but only three sounds: /kw//i//t/. Try to sound out the word using only three sounds.

Listen to the sound that qu makes in this video, Between the Lions: "Q without U" (from BTLfanatic):


When you are done watching the video, tell your parent or teacher the sound qu makes. Share with your parent or teacher three or four words that have the /kw/ sound spelled with a qu.

In this lesson, you will learn about qu and two more letters and sounds: "x" and "y."

What sound does the letter "x" make? The letter "x" makes a sound like /k/and /s/ put together. Try this sound again. Good!

Watch the Letter X Song Video by Have Fun Teaching to hear the sound x makes and see some words the letter "x" is in:


When you are finished watching the video, tell your parent or teacher three or four words that have the x sound in it.

The last letter you will learn about in this lesson is the letter "y." The letter "y" can be used as a consonant or a vowel. To learn about the letter "y" as a vowel, visit the Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar.

Let’s learn more about the letter "y" as a consonant. Watch the “The Letter Y Song” by ABCmouse.com, then tell your parent or teacher the sound y makes. Also, think of three words that have the y as a vowel and tell your parent or teacher these words.


Move to the Got It? section to practice the letter sounds for qu, x, and y.

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