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What if you didn't have fingers? How would you pick up and carry stuff? Would you use your nose? Elephants do! They can pick up trees and shake "hands" with their nose! Watch them on TV and draw them!


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What do an elephant and a tree have in common?

They both have a big trunk!

Elephants can be found in Africa, India, and even in parts of Asia. These large animals travel in herds. This means they travel in a group. Elephant herds are led by the oldest or largest female member of the group. This makes elephants a matriarchal society. This type of society is led by a female member in the group.


If you are a plant, you'd better watch out for elephants! Elephants can eat hundreds of pounds of plants a day! The majority of an elephant's day is spent eating.

  • Why do you think elephants eat so much?

Tell your parent or teacher.

Elephants spend most of their day eating because they need a lot of energy from food to have enough strength to move and go about their daily routine.

elephant eating

Generally, elephants have babies when they are around fifteen years old. Elephants only have one baby at a time. They have a new baby every two to four years. Some elephants continue to have babies all the way up until they are fifty years old! Some elephants can live to be seventy years old!

elephants hugging

Elephants have large trunks! They can use their trunks to breathe, pick things up, hold on to things, and smell. They can hold water in their trunks, but they cannot drink through their trunks. You will often see elephants spraying water to clean themselves, cool off, or just to have fun!

elephant spraying water

Elephants are among some of the smartest animals on the planet.

  • Did you know elephants have a great memory?

They can tell the difference between human voices. If they hear a voice they remember as being hostile or dangerous, they will get ready to defend themselves or run away.

They can also use tools. While watching Suda Creations Genuine Elephant Painting By Elephant by Phongrsi Smeaton (below), think about the tool the elephant is using.

  • What is the elephant doing?
  • How is the elephant doing it?

Share your answers with your parent or teacher after watching the video:


Elephants touch each other to communicate. For example, elephants greet each other by wrapping their trunks around each other. These smart elephants use their bodies to discipline the younger elephants, too! If you are a little elephant and you are getting into trouble, your mother elephant might give you a kick or shove to tell you to stop!

elephants playing

  • Elephants are amazing, aren't they?

Before moving on to the Got It? section, tell your parent or teacher two interesting facts you learned about elephants.

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