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Do you know why so many objects around you are plugged into the wall? What happens if they are unplugged? They run on electricity that is sent to your home to make stuff work. Learn about this energy!


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Do you know what lightning is made out of? It's really made out of something? Yes, a special kind of energy!

Lightning is made up of electricity!

Just like light, heat, and sound, electricity is a form of energy, too. Can you think of some things you use electricity for?


People use electricity for many things. You can use electricity to turn on your lights, use your computer, and watch television. Electric energy powers all of the electronics in your home. Your electricity comes from a power plant. The power plant makes the electricity, then sends it to you through the power lines connected to your home. Can you see the power lines below?

power lines

Electrical energy can be made with non-renewable resources like coal, oil, and natural gas. Non-renewable resources are resources that cannot be remade. Once the Earth runs out of coal, oil, and natural gas, there will be none left.

Electricity can also be made in environmentally-friendly and renewable ways, like wind power and solar power. This means electricity is made by using the wind or the light from the sun.

solar panels

Now you know some ways electricity is created. Tell your parent or teacher one way electricity is created.

Great work! In the Got It? section, you will explore ways electricity is made, and how you can use less electricity.

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