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Do you listen to music? Can you tell what instrument makes what sounds? Music is a lot of nice sounds put together. What sounds do you hear now? Learn how sound gets around and go on a sound search!


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What do you hear right now? Listen carefully. How do sounds get from the source to your ears? You can't even see or touch sounds!

Sound is all around you, whether it comes from cars passing by on the street nearby or is the sound of a clock ticking.

Did you know sound is a form of energy? Energy is something that does work or creates something else. You named some sounds you could hear. Are the sounds you hear now loud or soft? Tell your parent or teacher.

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Sound travels in waves. The sound starts with movement. The movement causes vibrations. Vibrations are quick movements that are hard to see. These vibrations cause the sound to occur. The vibration causes sound waves that travel to your ears.

Something that is low-pitched has longer waves than something that is high-pitched. A whistle makes a high-pitched sound, and a large drum makes a low-pitched sound. Can you think of two things that make high-pitched sounds? Can you think of two things that make low-pitched sounds? Tell your parent or teacher your answers.

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You will watch a video about sounds. During the What is Sound? video by SciShow Kids!, you will answer questions. Use a pencil and paper to answer the questions. You can either write, draw, or ask your parent or teacher to write out your answers to the questions below:

  1. How is sound made?
  2. What is used to hear sound?
  3. What happens to the rubber band when she pulls on it?
  4. What happens when she stops the rubber band from moving?


Share your answers with your parent or teacher. If you made any mistakes, watch the video again to find your answers.

Once you have answered all the questions correctly, move on to the Got It? section to play a sound game!

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