Building Five with Five Frames

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Can you count to five? Do you know there are different ways to add numbers to make five? An easy way to learn is by using a five frame. Practice with colors, game cards, and online games to add to 5!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


How many dots do you see in the five frame below?

The five frame above had five dots.

When a five frame is full, it will always equal five. You can use a five frame to practice making math problems that add up to five.

Look at the five frame below. This one has two different colors, red and yellow. Since the five frame is full, the red and yellow dots combined equal five all together. There are two red dots and three yellow dots. Two plus three equals five.

The yellow dots and red dots all add up to five. Look at the five frame below. How many yellow dots are there? How many red dots are there? If you add them together, what is your answer? Tell your parent or teacher by using the five frame below as your guide.

Create an addition problem using the five frame below. Tell your parent or teacher how many yellow dots and red dots there are. Then, share what they will add up to.

Did you say four yellow dots plus one red dot equals five?

Great work! In the Got It? section, you will practice filling in five frames to create different combinations of five.

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