Skip Counting by Fives

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Do you like to exercise and dance and learn new songs? Want to get your hands in some paint? Learn about skip counting so you can add and count faster, and play an online game to show your new skills!



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If you have five cookies, five M&Ms, and five Skittles, how would you quickly count how many snacks you have?

In the previous Related Lesson, found in the right-hand sidebar, you learned how to skip count by twos.

This lesson is all about skip counting by fives. You will learn special strategies, sing a song, and play games that will teach you to count by fives! Read on to learn how to skip count by fives.

Anytime you skip count by fives, each number you will count will either end with a five (5) or a zero (0). Look at the set of numbers below. This series of numbers shows skip counting by fives. Read the numbers in order aloud with your parent or teacher:

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50

You skip counted by fives! Did you notice how all the numbers ended with a five (5) or a zero (0)? Any time you skip count by fives, each number should end with either a five or a zero.

Exercise, dance, and count along with the counting by fives song below. You will get extra practice counting by fives while you move along to Count by 5's | Exercise and Count By 5 | Count to 100 | Counting Songs | Jack Hartmann:


Did you have a good time counting along by fives? You got some great exercise while you were learning to skip count, too!

Next, practice counting by fives by playing Sheppard Software's game Balloon Pop Math Skip Count. Follow the directions listed below to play the game:

  1. Select the"First try:5" when choosing what to count by.
  2. Click the balloon that comes next when counting by fives.
  3. Play until you complete the entire game.

Great job! In the next section, you will play a skip counting game with your parent or teacher.

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