Sorting by Color

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Do you have pairs of socks that are different? Does your mom sort them so similar ones are together? How does she know which socks make a pair? Learn how to sort and match items by color!


Counting and Cardinality, Measurement and Data

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How could you sort the objects below? What makes them similar or different?

This lesson is all about sorting objects by color.

In the first section, you saw some different circles. These circles are also pictured below. Take a look at them. What two colors do you see? Share your answer with your parent or teacher:

That's right! There are blue circles and orange circles. Look at the circles now. They have been sorted into two different categories. What do you think the two categories are? Share your answer with your parent or teacher:

Did you notice that the circles were sorted by color? There are six orange circles and five blue circles. They are all sorted by color.

Look at the triangles below. How would you sort these triangles? Tell your parent or teacher:

You could sort the triangles by color. What two colors do you see? Tell your parent or teacher.

That's right! You see red triangles and green triangles. Look at how they are sorted below. What are they sorted by?

That is correct! They are sorted by color. In the Got It? section, you will practice sorting objects by color. Move on to the Got It? section to practice!

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