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Being sick is not much fun. Did you know animals get sick too? You've never seen one in a doctor's office, but they have doctors of their own! Watch an elephant, crocodile, and porcupine get examined!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!


You go to the doctor when you are sick. Where do animals go when they are sick?

  • Have you ever owned a pet?

If you have not owned a pet, you may know someone who has a pet.

  • What kinds of pets do people own?

Share your answers with your parent or teacher.

different pets

You probably know dogs and cats are common pets. There are other pets people have, too. Ask your parent or teacher to read the list below aloud to you:

  • hamsters
  • gerbils
  • rabbits
  • ferrets
  • rats
  • guinea pigs
  • fish
  • lizards
  • snakes
  • frogs

There are many more animals people can own as pets. As a pet owner, it is important to keep your pet healthy. There are special doctors for pets, called veterinarians.

veterinarian with a cat

  • Do you know what a veterinarian does?

Share your answer with your parent or teacher.

That's right! Veterinarians take care of sick animals, just like doctors take care of sick people.

veterinarian with a dog

They can work in a veterinary office, at a zoo, or even at a farm! They take care of many different types of animals.

  • Can you think of some zoo animals a veterinarian might take care of?
  • What about some farm animals?

Share your answers with your parent or teacher. Ask your parent or teacher to read you the list below:

Zoo animals

  • tigers
  • elephants
  • bears
  • alligators
  • lions
  • monkeys

Farm animals

  • cows
  • pigs
  • chickens
  • ducks
  • goats
  • sheep

These are some examples of animals veterinarians take care of at a zoo or at a farm.

  • If you were a veterinarian, would you rather work with pets, zoo animals, or farm animals? Why?

Discuss your answer with your parent or teacher.

veterinarian with a goat

Veterinarians help animals in many ways. They give animals vaccines to prevent them from getting harmful diseases. A vaccine is a shot that is given to animals and people that prevents them from getting certain sicknesses.

They put casts on animals with broken bones. A cast is like a hard shell that is wrapped around the broken bone to heal it.

They also give animals medicine to help them feel better when they get sick.

  • Has a veterinarian ever helped your pets?
  • If not, what are some ways they have helped other people's pets?

Share your story with your parent or teacher, then move on to the Got It? section.

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