How Plants, Animals, and People Help Each Other

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Can a plant help you study, or an animal drive you to the store? No, but plants and animals help us by providing things we need to live! Write a story about what you learn about dirt and other stuff!


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Have you ever helped someone with something? Helping each other is important, and sometimes it is the only way something can get done. That is the case with us as human beings, because without the help of plants and animals, we would starve to death! We all work together! Find out how!

Helping each other is so important!

Maybe your mom or dad helped you tie your shoes, or maybe your grandma helped you bake cookies. Think of another time when you helped someone with something. Maybe you helped your mom by cleaning up the kitchen, or by peeling potatoes for dinner. When you help someone, you feel good about yourself, and the other person feels good, too.

Tell your teacher or parent about a time when helping someone made a big difference. Tell them about what you did, how it changed the situation, or made the other person or people who you helped feel.

Just like you help others — and other people help you — plants, animals, and humans help each other, too. Can you think of any ways we all help each other? Think about your basic needs of food, water, and shelter. Can you think of any ways that plants, animals, and people help each other? Discuss this with your teacher or parent.

Here is a list of the ways that helping each other is so important:

  • Plants provide food that gives animals energy.
  • Animals eat food and then leave manure (waste) on the ground.
  • Manure is a fertilizer that helps plants grow.
  • Plants grow fruits and vegetables that animals and humans eat.
  • Fruits contain seeds, and the seeds come out of the animal's manure.
  • The animals leave manure in different places, and this helps the seeds travel and grow across the land to feed more animals and humans.

Do you see all the fun ways that things help each other on the earth? It is so important that all parts of our earth work together!

Print the Graphic Organizer Sequencing Events 8 found in Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. Fill in the bubbles of how plants help animals, using the information provided above. Have your parent or teacher help you with this. Share your organizer with your parent or teacher when you are finished.

In the next section, you will explore other ways that plants, animals, and people help each other.

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