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Where does your food come from? The refrigerator? Cans and jars? The store? Where do they get it? Watch a "day on the farm" video and prepare to visit a real (or virtual) farm to see what grows there!


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Where can you get fresh foods in your community? Where do the groceries in your store come from? Do they grow in bottles and cans? Of course not, Silly!

Everyone needs food to survive.

  • Do you know where your food comes from?

Tell your parent or teacher.

That's right! Food comes from farms. There are farms all over the world. Farms can produce many different types of food.

  • Can you think of some fruits and vegetables that grow on farms?

Tell your parent or teacher your answer.

Farmers can grow many varieties of fruits and vegetables. They can grow:

  • corn
  • tomatoes
  • carrots
  • potatoes
  • strawberries
  • apples
  • pears

That's not all farmers can grow! There are many different types of fruits and veggies that can be grown on a farm. Farmers can also raise livestock for meat, dairy products, and other animal products.

  • What animals live on a farm?

Share your answer with your parent or teacher.

Here are some examples of animals you may see on a farm:

  • pigs
  • cows
  • chickens
  • goats
  • sheep
  • horses

Can you think of some products that come from these animals?

Share your answers with your parent or teacher.


Farmers need wide open space to grow crops (plants) or raise animals. Some farmers grow crops and raise animals.

  • Are there any farms in your area?
  • What grows on those farms?

Share your answer with your parent or teacher.

soybean field

Farmers that grow crops like fruits and vegetables need to have wide open space with good soil (dirt) to grow their crops in. Some farmers use big machines to plant their seeds in the ground. Other farmers, who live on small farms, plant their seeds in the ground by hand.

Farmers can use machines to water their plants. When the crops are ready to be harvested (picked), the farmers either hand pick them or use a big tractor to collect all the crops. They sell their crops at farm stands and farmer's markets, or they sell them to grocery stores.

They also grow other plants, like wheat and cotton. Wheat is used for making bread. Cotton is used for making products like clothing.

cotton field

Farmers that take care of animals (livestock) have a lot of responsibilities. They need to feed all of their animals, make sure all of their animals have water, and make sure their animals have shelter. Farm animals can be used for meat, dairy products, wool, and eggs. Farmers sell their livestock products at farm stands, farmer's markets, and grocery stores.

chicken farm

  • Why do you think farmers are important community helpers?
  • What do farms grow or raise?

Share your answers with your parent or teacher, then continue on to the Got It? section.

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