What's in Water?

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Water looks clear! How can we ask what's in it if we don't see anything? We often take water for granted, but find out why it's so important and try a simple hands-on experiment after watching videos!


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  • Do you drink water?
  • Did you ever think about what water is made of even though it is clear?

Write your answer to this question in your notebook.


Think about your answer to the previous question.

  • Why is water so important for keeping things alive?
  • Have you ever watered the garden? The lawn?
  • Did you ever give your pet water?
  • Have you ever thought about why we use water to help things grow?

Watch the Properties of water | Chemistry for All | The Fuse School by Fuse School-Global Education video and answer the following questions on a piece of paper. Then, review your answers with a teacher or parent:

  1. What is super solvent?
  2. What is a hydrogen bond?
  3. What is adhesion?
  4. What is cohesion?
  5. What happens to water when it freezes?

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Now, review your answers with a parent or teacher. You can go back and re-watch parts of the video if you are uncertain about any of the answers.

Let's Review: Name two properties of water.

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