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When you enjoy a book you like to know a bit about the author. What would you ask him or her? What do you think the author would say to you? Here's a chance to hear from the author of Charlotte's Web!


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You know that E. B. White is the author of Charlotte's Web. Can you name another book that he wrote?

E.B. White not only wrote the award-winning book Charlotte's Web, he also wrote two other notable children's books, Stuart Little and The Trumpet Swan.

Learning about the author of a novel you have read can you give you insight into the inspiration for the author's writing. You will learn how E.B. White was inspired to write Charlotte's Web.

  1. On Page 39 in your notebook, title the page "E.B. White."
  2. Add this title to your Table of Contents and number the pages.
  3. As you watch the following video and read the biography of E.B. White, write down at least three interesting facts about his life.

Watch Cornell University Press's video, In the Words of E.B. White - Book Trailer:


To learn more, read the biography of E. B. White from Biography.com, E.B. White Biography.

Share what you learned with your parent or teacher before moving on to the Got It? section.

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