Charlotte's Web: Chapters 21-22

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With the creation of social media, a person can have dozens of "friends." But are they true friends? Can four-legged and eight-legged creatures be friends? Write about what really makes a real friend!


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Are you friends with people who are different from you? Pigs, rats, and spiders are very different, yet they can work together to accomplish good things.

You have read most of Charlotte's Web. You have looked at the development of friendship throughout the novel. Take a few moments to compare and contrast the qualities of a good friend in your Charlotte's Web notebook on Page 34. Share your ideas with your parent or teacher.

In Chapters 19 and 20, you read about the special award Wilbur received.

How do you think Charlotte felt when Wilbur received his award? What clues from the chapter helped you make that decision? If you need a reminder about the events in Chapters 19-20, review the Related Lesson in the right-hand sidebar.

You will write a chapter summary on page ten of your notebook using the Charlotte's Web Chapter Summary resource. (Downloadable Resources) Write a summary for Chapters 19-20. Look back at previous summaries to follow the same format. Now, think about what you have read in previous chapters. What do you think will happen in the next two chapters? On the right side of the page, write a prediction about what you think will happen in Chapters 21-22.

You will come back to this page for one more chapter summary.

In Chapters 21-22, you will read some more words that you might not know the meaning of. To prepare yourself for reading these words, print the Charlotte's Web Vocabulary 21-22 resource from Downloadable Resources in the right-hand side bar.

After you follow the instructions to assemble and glue the page to your notebook on Page 35, add it to the Table of Contents page in the beginning of the notebook. Don't forget to number your pages. You will work on this page in the Got It? section.

Once you have your vocabulary page ready, move on to the Got It? section to begin reading the final two chapters of Charlotte's Web.

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