Charlotte's Web: Chapters 14-16

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What would your parents say if you told them animals could talk? Would you like to take a bath in milk? How would you react if you knew someone wanted to kill you? Get ready to travel to the big fair!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

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On Page 23 of your notebook, draw a spider web. What words could Charlotte write to describe Wilbur? Add these words to the web. How many words can you think of to add? Remember to add a title on this page and include this in your Table of Contents.

Think about the last Related Lesson, found in the right-hand sidebar.

Are you excited to continue reading the next portion of Charlotte's Web? Tell your parent or teacher the latest word Charlotte has planned to write in her web. Then, discuss these questions together:

  • Does Charlotte think "radiant" is a good word to describe Wilbur?
  • Why does she choose this word?
  • Do you think "radiant" is a good word to describe Wilbur? Why or why not?
  1. Before you begin reading the next chapters, find the Charlotte's Web Chapter Summary in your notebook. (Downloadable Resources)
  2. Write a summary for Chapters 11-13. Look back at the prediction you wrote for Chapters 11-13. This might help you write a concise summary.
  3. If you feel more comfortable using the format you used in previous lessons to write a summary, it is provided below. Look back in the book for help if you need a reminder about what happened:
  • Somebody (who was the chapter about)
  • Wanted (what did the character want)
  • But (what was the problem)
  • So (what happened next)
  • Then (how was the problem solved or how did the section end)
  1. Next, you will add a prediction for Chapters 14-16. Write about what you think will happen in Chapters 14-16.

You will come back to this page in the next lesson to write another chapter summary.

To prepare yourself for some unfamiliar words that you will read in Chapters 14-16, print Charlotte's Web Vocabulary 14-16 found in Downloadable Resources in the right-hand side bar.

Once you have cut the page according to the directions, glue this page into your notebook on page 24. Look over the words. If you think you know the meaning of a word, you can add the definition under the flap. As you read in the Got It? section and find the word, add the context clues under the flap. The context clues are the words that help you understand the meaning of the word.

Move on to the Got It? section to begin reading the next three chapters of Charlotte's Web.

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