What Are the Parts of a Flower?

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Have you ever looked closely at a flower and seen how complex it is? They don't just have pretty faces; they have a job to do, too! Learn what all those parts do as you fill out a special worksheet!


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Flowers are the pretty part of the plant that also have a very important job! Discover what important job the flower does by digging into this lesson!

Flowers are a very important part of a plant because they create the seed!

Without seeds, plants have no place to start growing. There are four very important parts of a flower that all work together to create that seed. You will learn about all four parts and how they work together to create beautiful flowers.

Before you learn about the parts of a flower, draw what you think a flower looks like.

  • Do you know what the parts are?

Share your drawing with your teacher or parent.

All parts working together is important for the growth of every plant. If the parts of a flower don't work together, a seed won't be made, which means another flower cannot grow. Find out how all of the parts work together.

There are four parts to a flower:

  • sepal
  • petal
  • pistil
  • stamen

parts of a flower


Sepals are the small green leaves that are the first things that grow on the flower bud. Their most important job is to protect the flower that is growing inside. After the flower grows, you can see the sepals at the bottom of the flower.

rose bud


Some flowers have small petals and some have large petals. They are usually the brightly-colored part of the flower that attracts birds and insects to it. Birds and insects are an important part of the flowering process because they move pollen — the stuff that makes the plant create a seed — from plant to plant. Petals attract the birds and insects so they will move pollen from one plant to another.



In the very center of a flower, there is a pistil. This is the location where the seed grows. It houses the seed until it is time for the seed to leave and plant itself in the soil to become another plant.


The stamens are the long, thin parts of a flower that make pollen. The pollen from the stamen gets on the top of the pistil, which makes the seed grow. Without the stamens, the seed won't grow to produce more flowers. Pollen moves from flower to flower by the wind. It also is transported by insects and birds landing on a flower, collecting the pollen on their feet and bodies, and flying to another flower. The pollen then rubs off onto another flower.

pistils and stamens

All four parts of a flower are important for its life and reproduction.

In the Got It? section, you will fill in a chart with the information you just learned. I hope you remember all four parts!

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