Fabrics: How Colors of Fabrics Affect Temperature

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When you get dressed, you want to look good. You likely want to feel good, too. Colors matter for more than just style. Watch an informative video, then try some experiments to bring it all to light!


Physical Science

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  • Did you ever bundle up by putting several layers of clothing on when it is cold out, or wear less clothes when it's hot out?
  • Do you ever think about how the color of your clothing affects your body temperature?
  • Do you think it has an effect on how hot or cold you are?

Write your answers to these questions in your notebook, and read on!

Think about your answers from the previous questions.

  • Have you ever noticed that you feel warmer when you wear darker colors?
  • For instance, have you ever worn a black t-shirt and felt warmer than when you wore a white t-shirt?
  • Why do you think this happens?
  • Does color have an effect on temperature?

Find out by watching the Fascinating Heat Absorbance and Color - Make Science Fun video below, take notes in your notebook:

Image - Video

Use what you learned from the video, and from your own experience, to guess the answers to the following questions:

Image - Video

The video talked about the relationship between heat and color.

  • Do you think people often wear light-colored clothing in hot weather and dark-colored clothing in cold weather?

Record your answer in your notebook, then continue on to the Got It? section for a fun activity!

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