Who Is Barack Obama?

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Do you think your ethnicity or skin color might keep you from accomplishing great things? Do you think they should be taken into account at all? Learn about President Obama and the political parties!


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Not since Kennedy had the White House seen such youthful exuberance — that was, until the arrival of the nation's 44th president, Barack Obama. As the first African-American president, the 37-year-old and his wife, Michelle, brought childhood innocence back to the rolling greens of the gated D.C. estate.

Obama, along with daughters, Sasha and Malia (who were ten and seven, respectively, when Obama became president in 2008), has read every Harry Potter book and is a fan of exploring the wizarding world through the movies. Throughout his eight years in the White House, both Sasha and Malia enjoyed every aspect of living in the White House.

  • Can you imagine living there?
  • What is the first thing you would do in the White House?

President Barack Obama was the first United States president of African descent.

There was quite a controversy over his ethnicity because he did not produce his birth certificate for the American public to see. This was a major issue for many Americans and politicians, because many people believed he wasn't a natural-born American. In the United States constitution, it states that all American presidents are required to be a natural-born American. All laws and amendments are created for specific reasons. What reasons can you think of that made the founding fathers require the president to be an American?

For argument's sake, let's say that a U.S. president is elected, but the United States government later finds out that he or she was not always a U.S. citizen. For example, the individual may have been born in another country, his or her parents immigrated to the United States when he or she was a young child, and the family obtained citizenship over time. Think about the ramifications or consequences that might happen if a U.S. president were not originally from the United States.

  • How might that affect the trust level of the American people, and would it be a potential conflict of interest for the U.S. government?
  • Might there be a possibility that he or she is a spy?
  • Is there a possibility that he or she may be sharing secrets with another government that might threaten the national security of the U.S.?
  • As you think about these possible scenarios, create a list of the negative effects that may result from electing an individual who is not a natural U.S. citizen as president.
  • Share your list with your teacher or parent.

It is your turn to do some research on Barack Obama and his presidential legacy.

He broke many barriers and changed the face of the presidency forever. Make a list of facts about President Obama and the differences he made for the United States. Do so by watching this Barack Obama *** video from the American Presidents series, and by reading 10 Things You Didn't Know About Barack Obama by U.S. News and World Report. Be prepared to create a presentation with what you have learned about the 44th President of the United States.

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