Rivers and Streams: Review

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If you have completed all four lessons in this series, you're flooded with information about wildlife in the waterways! Now, it's time to create a slideshow to teach your friends and family! Dive in!


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You have successfully completed the first three Related Lessons in this Rivers and Streams series, so you know rivers and streams make great homes for many plants and animals. Share what you know about animals and plants that live in rivers and streams with your parent or teacher.

(If you missed an earlier lesson or need to review, head over to the right-hand sidebar before continuing.)

Wow! You have learned a LOT about rivers and streams!

Tell your parent or teacher the difference between a river and stream. After explaining the difference between the two, you will need to take out a pencil and a sheet of paper. For this review, please answer the questions below:

  1. What is the difference between rivers and streams? Explain how they are different in at least two sentences. Draw two pictures: one that shows a river, and one that shows a stream.
  2. What do rivers and streams have in common?
  3. What are three examples of plants that can be found in rivers and streams? Write one fact about each type of plant. Draw a picture of each plant.
  4. What are three examples of animals that live in rivers and streams? Write one fact about each animal. Draw a picture of each animal.

Share your answers with your parent or teacher.

After discussing the information you reviewed about rivers and streams, move on to the next section to play a "rivers and streams" matching game!

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