Lakes and Ponds: Review

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Flounders, fish, four zones, fresh water - Are you ready to teach others about ponds and lakes? You will be after you review your knowledge in this lesson! You will make a poster and present a speech!


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What makes lakes and ponds different? Share your answer with your parent or teacher.

water lillies

Lakes and ponds are found all over the earth.

Throughout this Lakes and Ponds series, you have learned about the difference between lakes and ponds, the four zones, and plants and animals that are found in lakes and ponds. If you missed any of these Related Lessons, find them in the right-hand sidebar before continuing with this review.

Take out your outline. Your outline is filled with information you learned about lakes and ponds. Take a moment to read through your outline. While reading, use your pictures to help you visualize the different things you learned in this unit.


Take out a sheet of lined paper, your outline, and a pencil. Once you have your materials ready, answer the questions below. You can write your answers, draw your answers, or record audio of your answers:

  1. What makes lakes and ponds different?
  2. What are the four zones of lakes and ponds?
  3. Which zone gets the most sunlight?
  4. Which zone gets the least amount of sunlight?
  5. What are three examples of plants that are found in lakes and ponds?
  6. What are three examples of animals that are found in lakes and ponds?

After answering the questions, take out your outline and check your work with a parent or teacher. Did you answer all the questions correctly? If not, check your outline for answers or return to the previous lessons.

If you answered everything correctly, move on to the Got It? section.

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