Marsupials: Review

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Gliders and koalas and numbats, oh my! Do you know everything there is to know about marsupials? Then, you are ready to jump into this review lesson!


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  • Do you know who is the largest marsupial?

It's the red kangaroo!

Check them out in the video below.

Image - Video

  • Did that video surprise you, or did you already know how amazing the red kangaroo is?

If you did, then this is the lesson for you!

If you are not yet a marsupial expert, consider completing the Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar first.

  • Are you ready to review everything you have learned about these interesting animals?

Start by watching the video below.

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After watching, answer the following questions in your notebook.

  • Where are most marsupials found?
  • What is something all marsupials have in common?
  • What do marsupials use their pouches for?
  • What are baby marsupials called?
  • What does it mean to be nocturnal?

After answering, check your work against the answers below.

Image - Video

Great job!

You reviewed some of the information you learned about marsupials.

Continue to the Got It? section to complete a marsupial crossword puzzle!

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