Marsupials: Tasmanian Devils

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Cute and cuddly does not always mean safe and snuggly! Screams in the dark and snapping dentures make the Tasmanian devil a formidable foe! Learn more as you watch and read and even pretend to be one!


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Tasmanian devils are the fiercest marsupials of them all! You would never want to cross paths with this vicious creature in the wild! I wonder how it got its name?

Tasmanian devils are the most aggressive type of marsupial!

They are pouched mammals just like kangaroos, koalas, gliders, wombats, and numbats.

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Tasmania devils can be found in Tasmania. Tasmania is an island state of Australia. They make their homes in many different places. Tasmanian devils often live in burrows and hollow logs but can sometimes be found living in caves.

These critters are nocturnal. They are up all night searching for food. Their strong sense of smell and excellent vision helps them locate prey. Read on to learn about the diet of Tasmanian devils.

close-ups of tasmanian devils

Despite how small and cute they are, you would never want to cross paths with this aggressive marsupial in the wild! It uses its large, sharp teeth to attack predators and prey.

These critters will attack any predators that threaten them. They often will cause fights with other Tasmanian devils when they are trying to find a mate. In addition to this, they will attack any animal that gets near its meal! They are carnivores.

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Tasmanian devils have twenty to thirty babies at a time. Mother Tasmanian devils only have enough room in their pouch to raise around four babies at a time. The babies that do not make it to the pouch in time will not survive.

The babies that make it to the pouch stay in the pouch for about three to four months. After they leave the pouch, they will learn how to hunt with their mother. By the time they are nine months old, they will be ready to live on their own.

Look at the young Tasmanian devils sunbathing below:

young Tasmanian devils

Image by tearsxintherain, via Wikimedia Commons, is licensed under the CC BY 2.0 license.

Before moving on to the next section, explain why you don't want to cross paths with a Tasmanian devil.

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