Who Is William Clinton?

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Impeachment is not a peachy thing for a president, but it's happened twice as of 2016. However, Bill Clinton did much good for the country despite his problems. Create a quiz about the 42nd president!


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There are many interesting facts about President Clinton that may surprise you: He worked with Steven Spielberg in a presidential campaign in Texas; he was one of only eight left-handed U.S. presidents; and his nickname was "Bubba." The 42nd president of the United States involved himself in many scandals, but also balanced the budget for the first time in years. Let's explore the life and presidency of this somewhat controversial, although interesting, figure in U.S. history!

Did you know that many presidents in history have had secret talents?

President Clinton's talent was not a secret, and he proudly showed it off. He enjoyed playing the saxophone for an audience and was known for entertaining guests at the White House. Check out this list of other secret talents by past presidents from 10 Secretly Talented US Presidents by Jackie Fuchs:

  • Franklin Roosevelt was an exceptional writer and even wrote for a major motion picture.
  • Richard Nixon played five instruments and even wrote his own compositions.
  • Warren Harding played almost every instrument, mostly the sousaphone, a tuba that wraps around your body (see below):


It's your turn to research! To find out more about the secret talents of presidents, check out this list compiled by Jackie Fuchs, on Listverse, Ltd., 10 Secretly Talented US Presidents.

The United States presidency has seen many talented men, and most Americans didn't even know the talents their presidents possessed.

  • Choose one of the above presidents and create a poster for a public performance of his talent.
  • This poster can be handmade or created electronically.
  • Advertise the event as a showcase of the president's talent.
  • Be creative and be sure to display your poster.

Natural-born talents is an interesting topic.

  • What is it that enables someone to pick up an instrument and know how to play it without a single lesson?
  • What happens in the hands and brain of an individual who can simply pick up a paint brush for the first time and find he or she has the ability to create a beautiful representation?
  • What talent do you have? Do you sing well? Maybe you have perfect pitch. Do you play an instrument or have a photographic memory? You have talents you probably don't even know you have yet! Maybe your talent is making lists, and if so, this next activity is just for you!

You are about to create a list of at least ten facts about President Clinton; be prepared to compare it to the extensive list in the next section. You will use your list to create a project about President Clinton. Once you have your pencil and paper ready, read 10 birthday facts about the 42nd president, Bill Clinton from the National Constitution Center, and watch the Bill Clinton *** video below from the American Presidents Series and make your list. Remember, you need at least ten facts.

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In the Got It? section, you will find an extensive list of facts found in the above-mentioned sources that should match with your list. You will add to your list and use this list for an activity.

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