What Living Things Need to Survive: Project

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Can you hold your breath for an hour? Stop eating for a month? Sit in the dark for a week? Why is it hard to do those things? Create two mini-books to show what you know about how living things live!


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Do frogs and leaves have anything in common? How are the things in this picture the same? How are they different? Do you think plants and animals need similar things to survive?

Plants and animals both need water, air, food, and shelter to survive.

Plants need different types of shelter than animals. The plant's home is in the soil where their roots take hold and grow. Plants need sunlight to survive, and they also use sunlight to make their food. Discuss with a parent or teacher what plants and animals both need to survive.

elephant in a lake

Watch the 4 Basic Needs of Living Things -Animation Video for Kids by Make Me Genius video below to review what you have learned so far. Write your answers to the questions below on a sheet of paper while you watch the video. When you finish answering the questions, discuss your answers with a parent or teacher:

  1. What happened when the boy in the video held his breath? Could he hold his breath for very long?
  2. How do fish breathe in water?
  3. Where do living things get their energy?
  4. What do plants eat?
  5. Animals need the right kind of place to live; what is the right type of shelter for a polar bear?

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Did you answer all the questions correctly? Think of something animals in your area might need to survive. Where do animals in your area find food and water? Share your answers with a parent or teacher.

Nice job! Move on to the next section to continue reviewing.

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