Moon: What Phase Is That?

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How does the moon do that? How does it get bigger and smaller and bigger and ... ? Why does the ocean go in and out? Find out why these happen, keep a science notebook, and even sing about the moon!


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  • Have you ever noticed the moon in the sky?
  • Did you ever wonder why it appears as a different shape each night?

When the moon seems to be changing shapes, it is going through what are called phases.

These phases even have names! Look at the following chart and see if you can memorize the different names of the phases.

chart showing the phases of the moon from new to full including crescent quarter and gibbous

Each phase plays an important role in our world.

  • Did you know the moon even affects the ocean tides?

Print the Graphic Organizer - KWL Chart from Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. Use it to take notes as you watch the video below.

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  • Isn't the moon fascinating?

Now you know why the moon seems to change shape!

Move along to the Got It? section, where you will use and add to your KWL Chart to explore the moon's effect on our world.

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