Temperate Deciduous Forests: Plants

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What do you expect to see in a forest? If you said trees! you're the best! Like all biomes these forests have unique trees and plants that happily live there. You will continue your book as you learn!



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  • Can you describe what happens to trees in the fall?

In this lesson, you will learn about the plants that are found in temperate deciduous forests.

In the previous lesson, found under Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar, you learned about how the seasons change.

  • How do you think this affects the plants that live there?


  • Do you know why this biome has the name temperate deciduous forest?

If you guessed that it is named after its trees, you are correct!

Deciduous trees are very special. Every year, deciduous trees lose their leaves during the fall. One great way to remember what happens to trees in the fall is to remember that in the fall, the leaves fall off!

autumn forest

Some examples of deciduous trees that can be found in the temperate deciduous forests are: red oaks, elm trees, beech trees, red maple trees, and white birch trees. Look at the pictures below.

  • What do you notice about these trees?

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Deciduous trees lose their leaves every year during the fall season. They lose their leaves to prevent them from freezing and causing the branches to break.

They are found in temperate deciduous forests because of the climate. They thrive in this climate because of its warm and wet summers, and mild (not too cold) winters.

Other plants can be found here as well. Some examples of plants found in the temperate deciduous forests are listed below:

  • wild flowers
  • lichens
  • moss
  • shrubs
  • ferns

Look at the pictures below to see some of the other plants that are found in the temperate deciduous forests found around the world.

These small plants usually die when the temperatures drop during the end of fall and early winter. They grow back in the spring when the temperatures become warmer.

Image - Video

All of the plants you have learned about so far love the climate of temperate deciduous forests. The mild winters aren't too cold, and the warm summers aren't too hot!

Move on to the Got It? section to learn more about the plants found in temperate deciduous forests.

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