Macbeth Act IV

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As the Shakespearean soap opera continues, Macbeth visits the witches for another prophecy, and the other Macs figure prominently in the ongoing drama. Design a coat of arms for your chosen character!


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Macbeth is losing the trust of his nobles as he begins to descend into madness.

In Act IV, find out what happens when Macbeth visits the witches for a second time to learn his fate!

By the end of Act III of Macbeth, you saw Macbeth order the execution of Banquo and Fleance, but the murderers botched the execution and allowed Fleance to escape.

Macbeth and his wife hosted a grand feast for Scottish nobles, but the night ended in disaster with Macbeth frightened by the ghost of Banquo. Macduff, a Scottish nobleman, skipped the feast entirely, and those who were there were unsettled by Macbeth's erratic behavior.

Lady Macbeth vainly tried to cover up Macbeth's behavior, but she was unable to convince the nobles that everything was normal.

After the feast, Macbeth determines it's time to visit the witches again and demand more information. In Act IV, you will read what happens when he meets the witches for a second time.

Continue to use Macbeth to read Act IV. Keep reading the play aloud to allow the dialogue to be heard.

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