What Are They Listening To?

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Music is an international language that can transcend borders and give us insight into other people in faraway places. Let’s go exploring! A musical journey around the world is but a few clicks away!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

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  • Did you ever get tired of hearing the same thing on the radio over and over again?

Sometimes they play the same song once every hour.

Break out and listen to something different in the video below!

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  • How would you describe this music to someone who hasn't heard it before or couldn't hear it?
  • What words would you use to describe it?
  • Could you describe how it makes you feel?
  • What country do you think it is from?

Music is one of the most peculiar aspects of being a human.

Music can rally us to battle, can move us to love, can fill us with passion and joy.

  • Why do these seemingly random noises delight us so much?

However hard it may seem to describe music, let's give it a shot.

  1. Think of your favorite songs — songs you love so much you can hear them in your head, and you know all the lyrics by heart.
  1. Make a short list of your top five songs of all time.
  1. Now, pick one of them and write about it. In a short paragraph, describe what the song sounds like and what still makes it such an invigorating piece of music to your ear.

Some people make a living writing about music, so we know it can be done! It just takes a little training and focused listening.

  1. Look at the Musical Elements Chart. Write down each of the elements and an explanation for each in your own words.

If you would like a richer and more challenging resource to help you think about the different aspects of music, read An Introduction to the Elements of Music.

  1. Now, describe your favorite song in writing once again, focusing on each of these elements.

When your writing is complete, reflect on the following questions.

  • Why is music so powerful?
  • How does writing help you analyze music and understand it better?
  • Why does music differ from culture to culture?
  • How would you describe those differences?

When you write about music, you must listen to it differently. Even songs you have listened to dozens of times before might sound a little different.

In the Got It? section, you will uncover musical sounds you have never encountered.

  • What will it be like to try to describe them?
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