Deserts: Review

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Deserts are really cool! Well, some of them ARE really cool, and some are hot! There are lots of plants and animals to enjoy. Visit a desert museum and even write about and make an animal out of clay!



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The desert is an amazing place! It is home to many different types of plants and animals.

In this lesson, you will take all you have learned about deserts and use it to create a fun final project!


Let's review everything you have learned so far!

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  • Where can deserts be found?

Deserts can be found on every continent. Some continents have hot and dry deserts, others have cold deserts.



  • What makes a place a desert?

A place can only be considered a desert if it gets less than 20 inches of rain per year.


  • Can you name the four types of deserts from hottest to coldest?

The hottest type of desert is the hot and dry desert. Next is the slightly cooler semi-arid desert. After that is the coastal desert that is cooler. Finally, the coldest desert type is a cold desert.

Describe common plants that can be seen in the desert.

  • What do these plants have in common?
  • What characteristics do they have?

Desert plants need to survive with very little water. This means many of the plants are small, have spiny parts, and thick roots.

  • What do most desert animals have in common?
  • When is the desert most active and why?

Most desert animals have fur that blends in with the surrounding area. This is called camouflage.

The desert is most active during the night, because it is too hot for animals to be out during the day.

Fantastic! You reviewed everything you have learned about deserts.

Move on to the Got It? section to continue reviewing.

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