What's in a Narrative?

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Do you have a funny or exciting story to share? If you learn how to write it down, you can share it with everyone! Watch Mrs. Walk and read about fireflies to learn how to write your own fun story!



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Look at the picture above. Tell a short story out loud about the bread becoming a sandwich!

The short story you just told was called a narrative story.

In narrative writing, you are telling a story. The purpose is to entertain the reader. You, the writer, will describe an experience or event in the form of a story. Narrative writing tells who, what, when, why, where, and how.

Watch Writing a story with beginning, middle, end -tutorial for kids [sic], from The Evelyn Winters Adventure.

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Now, let's review what you saw:

  1. Every story must have a beginning, middle, and end that fit together like pieces of a puzzle.
  2. First, start with an idea in mind.
  3. Then, come up with a setting for when and where your story takes place.
  4. Next, decide who the characters are going to be in your story.
  5. Once you have the idea, setting, and characters you can write your beginning.
  6. Something needs to happen in the middle of your story involving your characters.
  7. You'll finish your story with an ending.

That is a lot to remember, but don't worry — you can always come back to the list above! 


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