What Is Your Opinion?

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In our opinion, you need this lesson on how to write about your opinion! Learn to express yourself with facts and examples to prove your point. Join a weekly online debate to see what others think!


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  • Do you think strawberry ice cream is better than chocolate ice cream?

Ask your classmate or sibling the same question. Find one more person and ask him or her which is their favorite flavor!

You may feel one way about which ice cream flavor is your favorite, and your friends and family may feel another way.

How you feel about an option, like an ice cream flavor, is called your opinion.

Since everyone on this earth is unique, everyone has different opinions about things. Sometimes a person might have the same opinion as you, and sometimes they will not, just like you may have learned from the ice cream flavor question above.

You may agree or disagree with someone's opinion, but everyone is entitled to —or allowed to have — his or her own opinion. That's part of what makes us all so very special!

In the same way, you can always share your opinion with someone else, but you can't make them have the same opinion as you, because they are going to like what they like.

That's because they have a different point of view on things than you do. They may be older or younger, they may come from a different cultural background, or they may just look at the world in a different way than you do. It's not a bad thing, it's just different.

When you want to share your opinion with others, you can use the vocabulary below:

  • I prefer …
  • I think …
  • I feel …
  • I like …
  • I believe …
  • In my opinion …
  • The best thing about …
  • The worst part about …

Let's practice sharing our opinions using the sentence starters above. Talk with a friend or family member about the topics numbered below:

  1. the best fruit
  2. the best theme park
  3. the best season of the year

This time, as you share your opinion, tell why you selected that opinion.

For example, if someone was sharing his opinion of his favorite season, he could say:

I believe that the best season is the fall because I like it when the weather gets cooler, and you get to make caramel apples and carve pumpkins.

Now, ask the same person about his or her opinion about the above three topics, then continue on to the Got It? section to put your thoughts on paper!

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