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The big moment has arrived! You are ready to show your story to the whole world (or at least some people you know)! Most famous writers started like this, so be brave! Learn how and where to publish!



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Narrative Writing Tip #5: Sharing your writing can be exciting and scary; keep in mind that no matter what, you can learn from the experience and make your writing even better next time!

Some famous writers were rejected up to 30 times before hitting it big, so don't give up!

Welcome to the final lesson in the series, The Writing Process: Narrative Writing.

During this series, you have completed a piece of narrative writing. In this fifth lesson, you will prepare your final draft and publish your work!

Let's get started!

As you learned in the first four Related Lessons, found in the right-hand sidebar, a narrative work is a piece of writing that tells an account of something personal, and includes dialogue, action, focus and purpose, and sensory details, and conveys the importance of the event.

You have also completed the final draft of your narrative piece; that means you are ready to publish your work!

Before you begin this step of the process, watch the following Writing a Personal Narrative: Publishing for Kids video for an overview of how to publish your own writing:

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As you saw in the video, this last step is about "cleaning up" your writing so it is polished and as perfect as possible. Make sure to print a copy of your narrative so you are ready to give it one last look in the next two steps!

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