Who Was Chester A. Arthur?

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What party is in the White House? During President Arthur's term, it could have been any "party" that included fine food and fancy dress! Learn about our unintended 21st president and defend the Navy!


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President Arthur served as the 21st leader of the United States. He was best known for strengthening the U.S. Navy. He updated the fleet of ships and created a navy that American's could be proud to call their own. Discover what other contributions President Arthur made to the United States of America!

President Arthur isn't a well-known president because he served during a time when not a lot of major policies were being passed and the country was stable.

There were no major wars being fought, and there weren't any major issues arising, so he flew a bit under the radar. Although he did take over the presidency after James Garfield was assassinated, he never planned to be president.

As Garfield's vice president, he took over the office and took advantage of the highlife the presidency had to offer. He enjoyed fancy clothes, and even renovated the entire White House to make it more suitable for entertaining. He was a big drinker and loved a good party. He enjoyed his time in the White House and threw quite a few parties!

  • Do you believe the prestigious nature of the presidency is something to flaunt?
  • Do you believe the presidents in your lifetime have done this?
  • Write a paragraph about what you believe the office of the president should entail when it comes to parties and entertainment. Keep in mind that the job of the president is to lead the country and be the commander-in-chief.
  • Share your thoughts with a your parent or teacher.

Print and complete President Chester A. Arthur Facts found in Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar as you watch Chester Arthur (below):

If you didn't get all of the answers from the video above, try Chester A. Arthur from The History Channel.

  • Did you fill in all the blanks?


Chester Arthur may not have been a very influential leader, but as the 21st president, he did take over the presidency after Garfield was assassinated. For someone who didn't plan to be president, he held the office to high standards and made important improvements.

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