Who Was Millard Fillmore?

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The title of this lesson is more than appropriate, because Fillmore is considered the most forgettable president in history. Think about what your own legacy could be as you study this 13th president!


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Forgettable — that's what you are! Millard Fillmore was one of the most forgettable presidents in U.S. history. He did not contribute much to the history of the United States, but since he was the 13th president, let's find out who he was and why he was so forgettable!

Millard Fillmore was 50 years old when he became president; this was 16 months into his vice presidency to Zachary Taylor, and after Taylor died in office.

He was very different from Taylor, and often fought with his president over issues.

Sometimes, struggles can lead to positive change, and when two people disagree about an issue, policy can be written from a different perspective. This didn't happen with Taylor and Fillmore. The pair didn't get much accomplished, and only found fault with each other.

Because the 2 politicians couldn't get past their differences, not a lot was accomplished under their administration.

  1. Try to put yourself in their shoes, and write a story about a time when you disagreed with someone about an issue, and how his or her perspective may have influenced you.
  2. Tell what it was about the discussion that helped change your mind or persuade you to look at the issue differently.
  3. If you have never experienced this, try having a conversation with someone on an issue where you have opposing views, and see if you can persuade him or her, or be persuaded by him or her.

See what kind of difference he did or did not make as President. Watch American Presidents Video Series: Millard Fillmore and take notes to discover at least 5 facts about him:

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As you can see, he didn't make a huge contribution to the history of the United States; but, if you are from California, you are thankful for the fact that its statehood began under his administration. It's all about your perspective!

  • Speaking of perspective, what was your perspective of Fillmore's presidency?
  • Did you find at least 5 facts to write down?

See if any of yours match the list in the next section!

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