Two-Dimensional Shapes

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Circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles are all alike. But they don't look alike, do they? No, but they are all flat shapes! Sing and play and draw your way to learning two-dimensional shapes!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Shapes are everywhere!

  • Do you recognize any of the shapes below?
  • What is the same about some of these shapes?
  • What is different?
  • What do you notice about these shapes?


The shapes below are squares:


Squares are flat shapes. We call flat shapes two-dimensional.

  • Can you say two-dimensional?

Count and see how many sides a square has.

  • How many sides do you count?

If you answered four, great job! A square can be small or big, as long as it has four sides that are the same length.

Look at the squares above again. They are all different sizes and colors, but they are still squares.

Trace an invisible square in the sky with your finger. This will help you remember how many sides a square has.

Watch the Learn Shape Square video | Math video for kids, from Turtlediary, to see more squares:

The shapes below are circles:


Circles are round and flat. Don't forget, flat shapes are two-dimensional!

Remember, circles can be big and small. All the shapes above are circles.

Trace a circle in the sky with your finger to help you remember what a circle looks like.

Watch the video Learn Shapes - Kids INTERACTIVE Educational Videos: Puzzles for Children: CIRCLE below and follow Ploop on his adventure to learn more about circles:

The shapes below are called triangles:


Triangles are two-dimensional shapes. This means they are flat!

Pick a triangle and count its sides. Say out loud how many sides you think a triangle has.

  • Did you answer three?

Fantastic! Don't forget, a triangle is still a triangle no matter what size!

Practice remembering what a triangle looks like by tracing an invisible triangle in the sky.

Sing along with the TRIANGLE SONG FOR KIDS - Learn Shapes for Toddlers Shapes for Children Learn Shapes Song video below about triangles:

The last shape you are going to learn about today is a rectangle. Count the sides on one of the rectangles below:


  • Do you think a rectangle has four side?


Rectangles are similar to squares because they both have four sides. Rectangles are different from squares because all the sides do not have the same length.

Rectangles are two-dimensional shapes just like squares, circles, and triangles.

Practice making rectangles by drawing an invisible rectangle in the sky with your finger.

See examples of rectangles in Learn Shape Rectangle video | Math video for kids, from Turtlediary:

You did a fantastic job learning about two-dimensional shapes!

Quickly go back and review the shapes.

  • Can you name all of the shapes above just by looking at the pictures?


  • What did the shapes you learned about have in common?

Fantastic! Now, try some activities!

Move on over to the Got It? section to hunt for some shapes right where you are!

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