Who Was William Henry Harrison?

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Have you ever felt like you would die while listening to a long speech? One of our presidents actually died from giving a long speech! Learn about the one-month presidency of William Henry Harrison!


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Thirty-one days after being sworn in as the ninth President of the United States, William Henry Harrison died unexpectedly and suddenly from a rather harsh strain of the cold virus. Many overlook Harrison's presidency due to the length, yet he did make his share of contributions to the United States. Learn more about the short presidency of William Henry Harrison!

William Henry Harrison’s life and contributions to U.S. history

There were quite a few events that occurred during the lifetime of William Henry Harrison.

Besides the fact that he was the second-oldest man to be inaugurated into the presidency, there were many fascinating circumstances that led to him becoming the 9th president.

Print the Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer in Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. Be prepared to fill out a minimum of three events — and the effects of these events — while watching the following video, William Henry Harrison: America's Briefest President:

What a history lesson, huh?

Thirty-one days as a president isn’t enough time to accomplish a single thing (especially since he spent all 31 days sick in bed), but he still modified the landscape of U.S. history in his own way.

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