Who Was Martin Van Buren?

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Martin Van Buren's presidency is best known for . . . um . . . He's not very well-known, but he did serve his country and is worth looking at. Study his work and create your own opinions and a quiz!


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Martin Van Buren learned a lot about the government by eavesdropping (listening to chats without the participants knowing they were being heard). Discover how these conversations may have molded President Van Buren into the politician he was.

Martin Van Buren’s Life and Contributions to U.S. History

Martin Van Buren was Andrew Jackson’s best friend, vice president, and confidant.

In politics, just like in life, the relationships we create can change the course of our lives.

Write a personal narrative about a relationship you have had that has changed you in some way (teacher, adult, peer, etc). Share it with a teacher or adult.

As you watch American President #8: Martin Van Buren (1837-1841) (below), make a list of 5 or more facts you learn about President Van Buren:Image - Video


Martin Van Buren was quite a character! Compare your list of facts to the list in the next section.

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