All Quiet on the Western Front: Chapters 4-6

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WWI soldiers endured a bizarre existence in what is known as trench warfare. It was a means of safety, sickness, and sorrow that affected millions of lives. Create a propaganda poster to get recruits!


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  • What is it good for?

Find out what Paul and his friends experience on the front lines of trench warfare in the upcoming chapters of All Quiet on the Western Front!

So far, you've read Chapters 1-3 in All Quiet on the Western Front, which recounts Paul's enlistment, experience in training camp, rest periods behind the front lines, and the death of one of his school-mates, Kemmerich.

In Chapters 4-6, we get to see Paul's company travel to the front line for duty and experience the trench warfare that characterized much of the fighting in World War I.

Before reading Chapters 4-6, there is some vocabulary to define. Look up the definitions for the following terms from Chapters 4-6 in a dictionary (print or online, such as

On a separate sheet of paper, write down the definitions for each of the terms. After defining the words, write a sentence using each word correctly in context.

  lorry   munition   acrid
  imperceptible   vortex   indigent
  arresting (adj.)   fete   swoon
  nigh   monotonous   laconic
  magistrate   pince-nez   conceit
  scutter   loaf (v.)   parapet
  belabor   automaton   debauched
  stupor   cur   pallid
  equanimity   contour   apparition


Now that you've defined the terms from Chapters 4-6, retrieve your copy of the All Quiet on the Western Front Characters handout you used in the first Related Lesson (right-hand sidebar), so you can fill it out for this section of the novel.

You are now ready to read Chapters 4-6 in All Quiet on the Western Front.

After reading, move on to the Got It? section.

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