Who Was John Quincy Adams?

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Like father, like son. America had a chance to test that with our 2nd and 6th presidents. John Quincy Adams was controversial in many ways. Study this man and his times compared to today's presidency!


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John Quincy Adams was the son of second president, John Adams.

As the 6th president of the United States, his election was often called bogus because he did not win the popular vote, and the House of Representatives chose him over Andrew Jackson!

Learn all about John Quincy Adams’s life and the contributions he made to the U.S. history!

John Quincy Adams's Life and Contributions to U.S. History

  • What do you already know about John Quincy Adams?

As a son of a president, John Quincy Adams had a distinctly different perspective on the presidency.

  • How do you think that helped or hindered his ability and knowledge of the office before he became president?

Be sure to consider what it would be like if your father were the president, then you became president.

As you watch John Quincy Adams | 60-Second Presidents | PBS, from PBS Presidents, think about his presidency and take notes on his biggest accomplishments:

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Now that you have learned some interesting facts about the second President Adams, it is time to do some comparing and contrasting in the Got It? section!

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