Predator-Prey Relationships

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Sharks have a bad rep and rightfully so. They are fearsome predators! There are other dangerous (and deadly) animals everywhere! How do they affect the ecosystem, and where do you fit in? Learn now!


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Below is an image of a whale shark eating fish in the ocean.

Whale shark eating fish and feeding in the open ocean water. Underwater shot of open mouth swimming

  • What type of relationship do these animals have?
  • Which would you rather be at that moment?

The animals pictured above have a predator-prey relationship.

A predator-prey relationship describes the interactions between a consumer that hunts (predator) and the consumer that is hunted (prey).

In the predator-prey relationship pictured above, the shark is the predator because it is the animal that is hunting for a smaller organism to eat. The smaller fish is the prey because it is the organism being hunted by a larger animal.

Visit Predators to learn more. Watch the video and read the facts. You may even want to click on the Games tab for some fun with predators!

  • Are you ready for more fun videos?

Watch the three short videos below and then answer the questions that follow in your science notebook.

Image - Video

  • What animals in the videos are considered predators?
  • What animals in the videos are considered prey?
  • What are characteristics of predators?
  • What are the characteristics of prey?
  • Why are predator-prey relationships necessary?

Continue to the Got It? section to be the predator who finds the answers in an online game!

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