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You have a great idea you want to share with the world! Only you need a way to present it and make sure it's available wherever you go! Google Slides lets you make a creative show (and not lose it!).



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Japan is known for its cleanliness. In the 1990s, the Japanese company Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions put out an ATM machine that heated the bills to 200 degrees Celsius so that bacteria was killed. Then, it ironed and dispensed them. As a fellow germaphobe, I can appreciate this about Japan! Do you feel as though these ATMs would make a big difference in the germ count in the U.S.?

Google Slides are the answer to so many questions!

What if I get somewhere and forgot my laptop, and I didn't print my presentation?

Log on to Google and access your presentation from your Google Drive!

What if I need to work with someone else on a presentation, but we don't live near each other?

Create a shared Google Slide where both of you can edit it and make changes!

What if I want to have someone proofread my presentation?

Share it on Google Slides and he or she can edit and make changes.

What if my presentation is due by the end of the day, but the file is too big to send, and I don't want to give away my flash drive?

Share a non-editable Google Slide and get it in on time from anywhere, any time!

Google Slides is used by many companies as a way to sell products to customers and train staff. Google Slides is also widely used by teachers to create presentations for their students, and by students to create presentations as part of projects to share with the class. It is a great way to show what you have learned, using graphics, videos, and text.

View the How to Use Google Slides – Google Essentials slideshow below to learn how you can make a Google Slide presentation. Pay close attention to the directions so you don't miss any important steps!

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