Microsoft Word Essentials Part 4

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A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not save yourself some time and learn to put online pictures and photos into your document. Pictures deserve frames, and you can put borders on as well!


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Techy Fact

In general, people tend to read as much as 10% slower from a screen than from paper. This means that since most of our youth are in front of a screen more than paper, we have become slower readers as a society ... Yikes! Now go read a book (as soon as you finish this lesson!).

In the first 3 Related Lessons of Microsoft Word Essentials, found in the right-hand sidebar, you explored formatting and changing the way the words look on your Microsoft Word document.

You also learned how to do fun things, like adding shapes and headings, as well as centering your text, changing the line spacing, and creating bulleted lists.

Margins, orientation, templates, the undo shortcut (Ctrl + Z), and print, are commonly-used formatting features and commands in Word. You had the opportunity in Lesson 3 to change the size of the page margins, change the page orientation from portrait to landscape, see some templates, use undo, and print your poem!

In this lesson, you will explore borders, placing online pictures, and formatting pictures. Yes, you can do some pretty cool things with pictures in Word!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out this video, Microsoft Word Essentials Part 4 (below):

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Pretty cool, right?

Advanced options in Microsoft Word help you use Word and its many tools to create the best documents you can. Soon, you are going to add a few extra touches to your document, but first brush up on some typing skills:

Now you are ready to dig deeper into Word!

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